Soft collection

More gentle than debt collection

The easiest way to collect the owed amount without using debt collection.

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Integrert med de mest populære regnskapssystemene

"When customers don't pay on time, the reason is often that they simply forget. The will is there, the ability to pay is there, but for one reason or another the bill is not paid as agreed."

Sometimes the customer forgets

In many cases, the invoice is not paid because the customer simply forgets. In there cases, initiating a collection process might feel a bit harsh. That's why we offer soft collection

Connected to your system

After the invoice is due, we send a payment reminder in the way the customer prefers. We then follow up with both an SMS and a pleasant phone call in the first 12 days after the due date.

Full control

Get paid on behalf of the customer - without starting a formal collection process. You choose which invoices you want to follow up.